Content ideas to make 3x more conversions

What makes a good keyword?

It's a content idea to write where you can rank easily on search engines and where you have a high probability of getting conversions!
Traditionnal SEO provide Traffic SEOCopilot provide conversions
Constantly coming up with new keyword ideas can be very complicated.

If you use traditional SEO tools, you can at best hope to get some traffic if the selected keyword is not too competitive. But you don't know in advance whether that keyword is likely to generate sales for you. With SEOCopilot and its conversion measurement system, you'll be able to know in advance, even before writing your content, what your potential sales are.

As we collect more and more data, our prediction are adjusted and become more and more accurate. (Vertuous cycle)

How it works?

To make our predictions, we need to collect data:

- Data from the Google Search Console to find opportunities
- Sales measurement data : To make an estimation of the potential conversion rate (CSV file or Real time tracking - We provide that for FREE)

Our algorithms and data analysis have led to several models:
- Position predictions
- Impression prediction
- Conversion rate prediction

Monitor your SEO content sales performance

After selecting a keyword idea and content writing; SEOCopilot monitor the performance of your content.

All that data allows the Copilot to create a feedback loop to refine future predictions.

You can click on each position, to have a detailed view with : position, impressions, clicks and conversions generated by your content.

Tracking past and current performance

In blue : the previous ranked page with the maximum of impression for a target keywords.
In red : the new page

The new page has almost reach the desired position.

The little dot in green indicate the starting date of the tracking and the average position of the previous 30 days.

Tracking past and current performance

Discover which content is performing the best.
Our tracking allows you to follow multiple types of conversions including sales, app downloads, dealer locator usage, and quotation requests...

View your top performing content and export your data to a csv file.

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