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Our story

All began with a problem that a lot of people encounter when doing SEO : It's hard to get keyword ideas!

You built a company or a wonderful product. You are full of vitality and inspiration because you love what you do indeed!
You write your 50 first articles during the blink of an eye.
Everyday you look at your Google Analytics curves of traffic and you see that something is happenning but not the level of what you expect.
You continue to write beautiful piece of content up to 100 articles and now you feel that it's harder to continue to have good ideas... and you are not alone.

Why ?

Because it's hard for your brain to memorize all of what you have done, to get new fresh ideas that doesn't seem to be already written...
Maybe if you are well organized, you could improve this a little bit... but that's not scalable and you are the bootleneck.
As you continue to write content, the more you feel this pain...
You continue to look at your curve and you discover another phenomenom...
Only a fraction of your content is receiving traffic or interesting your users...

What a sad reality...
It's harder than it sound to produce a piece of content that is not already written on the web...
Interesting for your users...
And furthermore...
Something to convince your users to make a conversion. (Sales, download of an app, quotation, appointment)

Is this the end of the game ? Hell NO !

We have to go back to basics...
Why are we doing SEO ? Why we produce content ?

During so many days, months and years, people selling legacy SEO tools told you the same naration...
Please, next time you talk to an agency or an SEO advisor... Take a step back and listen carefully...
(I've nothing against SEO people... It's just the fact that the field apply the same methodology again and again without rethinking the way of doing SEO)

[Fictionnal conversion between you and a SEO people]


Well, I've an issue... My website is not getting the traffic I expected... Some people told me to improve the performance of my website...
Some people told me it's my content, Some people told me it's My domain authority, I should get more links (Note : This violate google guidelines)...

(Seo People - Very polite)

Well, I understand your pain...
I'm not like the others (Really?) Maybe I can provide you guidance with an SEO Audit that will give you actionnable advice


That sound interesting... please tell me more.

(Seo People)

I'll dig a little bit in the keywords of your competitors... Maybe there is little gems in there.. And I'm pretty sure I'll discover some keywords where you could rank easily and get a huge boost in traffic


Very good... I can't wait anymore... Please take my money
(Seo People)

Few months later
Well I don't understand, I've applied all your advices and my sales remains flat...What's going on?

(Seo People)
(Make a choice)
  • It's due to seasonality
  • Lack of authority
  • You need to write better content
  • You need to write more content
  • You add too many content and google find that spammy
  • You have to remove pages
  • It's due to canibalization
  • It's your product
  • Your competitors are better than you
  • Your website is too slow
  • Mars is not aligned with Venus
  • You need to add more internal / external links
  • It's due to the redirections
  • You need a sitemap
  • Your URLs are not clean / too long / too short
  • Your hierarchy is too deep
  • Your need to reorganize your content with categories and subcategories like...
  • Your content is too short / too long
  • You need to add photos / videos
  • You have to disavow links
  • You have to build another site to promote your main website

As you can see, it's easy to find a reason to say : "It's not my fault"

Maybe one of the explannation is in the way of doing "SEO" by immitating / copying / bein inspired by your competitors!
One of the SEO pillars is the "competitors analysis".

By immitating your competitors, you:

  • Target the same difficult keywords VS finding new easy keywords
  • Despite your efforts, you have to convince your users that you bring MORE value than established companies (And it's really hard... Ourselves included!)
  • Maybe you target content that bring traffic but no sales/conversion
  • Loose if you don't have a brilliant idea
  • Loose if you have little/no money
  • Don't have the first mover advantage
  • Trust / Authority of well established companies


Instead of thinking about traffic, let's think about money and conversions.
We are doing content marketing to attain multiple goals but mainly to make conversion.
How do you measure your SEO performance?
Few legacy tools do that... Because it's a role given to Analytics solutions like Google Analytics.
By using analytics solutions you could discover witch piece of content lead to a conversion.

This is an example of attribution:

  1. Someone search your product on Google
  2. Your website shows up in the response list and is clicked
  3. At this time, we could store the SEO entry page
  4. The user visit one or several pages
  5. Few times later : days or weeks... you win a conversion
  6. Now : we could establish a link between the entry page and a conversion

Spoiler alert: With the SEOCopilot, it's fully integrated!

So okay, we are able to analyse which content perform better in terms of conversion. We are no longer in the dark to know what you should write content.
You have something measurable to tell your boss where he should invest.

But which keywords / search queries to target?

You can use a data driven approach and dig for gold in the Google Search Console (GSC).
This is a great source of data provided by Google (The most reliable). You will discover what your users are really intested by.
One critic often heard when using the keywords provided by GSC is that you already rank on these keywords... Why should I write another content?

Well, it's because you will be "relevant"
And guess what are the sides effects?

You will rank in higher positions than where you already rank.
This is especially true on long train queries where it's easier to be in first position.

[For technical readers]
You can do semantic analysis to evaluate the semantic difference between the actual ranked content and the search queries.
By computing the difference, you could establish a model representing the position gain.


So, here is the recap, now can do SEO better by:
- Measuring what content perform well in term of conversion
- Discover what you users really want in the Google Search Console
- Estimate for which keyword idea where you could rank
- Estimate impressions and clicks volume and sales by using historical data

You can do this by hand, or using the SEOCopilot (Our "raison d'être").
We designed this tool to this Goal : Content Ideas to make more conversion.


Sébastien MOUGEL
Sébastien MOUGEL

Executive & Tech

AI and Software Engineer
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Sébastien has 20 years of experience in several fields like Software Engineering, Web Ecosystem, Data Engineering and Ad Tech.

He has worked in High Traffic environments like Orange French Internet Service Provider, Dalenys (Natixis - BPCE Group), Engie.

In 2021, Sébastien was one of the first AI Engineers from OpenClassrooms training in partnership with Microsoft.


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