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When I write something on my website, I don't know if it will generate sales...

Measure, find and write content that attracts customers


Rank easily

Millions of websites are competing with each others for the same keywords. Discover the ones where the competition is low and there is minimal friction to achieve high rankings.

More conversions

Not all keywords are equal. Determine which ones lead to conversions. Direct your efforts towards content production with an estimated conversion rate.

Save time

Maximize your time by prioritizing content production that generates revenue. (According to our study, only 10 to 20 % of content actually converts)

How much revenue can you get from a good keyword?

Simulate the business value of a good keyword.

Additionnal revenue

Indicative value - Estimation based on simulation - Several factors could influence the conversion rate (content, call to action...)

$ 1000 per/month

Find good keywords

I analyze competitors, but it's not working!
My content ranks poorly, and even when I get visitors, they don't buy.

What if you could write content in areas with almost zero competition?
Can you pinpoint search queries where you know you can make sales or gather leads?

SEOCopilot is designed for that

  • Write content easy to rank : Not targeted by your competitors.
  • Conversion-focused : You know that it will converts (Thanks to our measuring tools).
Not convinced yet? Give SEOCopilot a try with our free edition.

Our studies shows that only 20% of your content leads to a sale.
Each dot is a webpage : Blue (No sales) Orange (One sale or more)
Close dots = Similar content

Your content ranks easily

Copilot suggests keywords based on real user queries by leveraging data from the Google Search Console. By utilizing AI models, Copilot is able to find where Google needs content and determines if your website can rank.
The outcome : you can create valuable content for your users and achieve rapid high-ranking positions.

Improve your conversion rate

Constantly generating keyword ideas can be extremely challenging. However, with copilot, you can receive keywords ideas based historical data and conversion prediction. This approach enables you to prioritize queries that have a higher potential to generate revenue, leading to an increased conversion rate.

Identify content that converts

With our advanced measurement technology, you can uncover the webpages that drive conversions. Gain valuable insights into what to write next, measure the performance of your SEO content and optimize your conversion rate. By focusing on content that converts, you become more efficient.


3 steps to be ready

- Create an account

An email address is required to secure access to your data. An activation link will be sent to verify your email.

- Declare your website

Enter a URL to verify the ownership of your website . (By setting a DNS record or uploading a file)

- Google Search Console

Grant our platform to access to your Google Search Console in order to analyze the queries that lead to your website.

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What's next?

After the setup, our platform will perform a series of tasks to provide your keywords opportunities. With the free version, you'll get a list of keywords that generate traffic. With the paid version, you'll have access to keywords based on their conversion potential.

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